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Studio X.1 Productionsuite B


Online Recording is the contemporary digital method to produce contactlessly.

Studio X.1 plays the role of the control center, where all audio channels converge and be assembled into a finished production. We use different IP-based technologies to offer diverse audio resources such as speaker voices, sound effects, atmos and music using encrypted data-protected connections, with the highest sound quality for your project.


And all this happens realtime and worldwide. That means e.g. while we are in Studio X.1 in Cologne we can record the voice of an actress in a recording facility in New York. You can direct live with video and talkback switched on.  


This means:

Effective time management for everyone involved.

Waiting times in the studio are eliminated.

No time and money spent on travelling. No strains caused by delayed trains or traffic jams.

Online recording saves production time and therefore costs.

With online recording you have the greatest possible choice of speaker voices. You are flexible in terms of time and can be switched on whenever you want to have the control option.


Fastest possible workflow from draft to master.    

Contactless digital workflow as a preventive measure in times of increased infection risk.


Online Recording is the digital method due to current events to contactlessly produce.

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