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Cello Recording


Erhaltung der natürlichen Klangbalance von Instrument und

Stimme durch ausgewogene Akustik, ausgewählte Mikrofone und hochwertige AD-Wandler.

Möglicher Einsatz unserer Vintage Klangerzeuger: Fender Rhodes Mark II, Minimoog Model D, Yamaha SY99, Roland 7D800, Tanmandel (indisches Resonanzsaiten-Instrument), Yamaha Pacifica (12strg. E-Git.) u.v.m.

Unser Know-How: Bandaufnahmen im Stil der 70er Jahre

für Analog Enthusiasten: 8 Spur Tape Recording

Stilsicherheit durch Chart - Erfolge

Rock-Pop   Weltmusik   Jazz   Klassik   Electronica

Guitar Recording Singer Songwriter

Our studio allow, by best technical equipment and perfect sound conditions, to produce high end recordings - whether for the record industry, television show appearances or first demo recordings.

From rock -pop, world music , to electronic music: we are well equipped with instruments, sounds and know-how for all genres.

If you are looking for more than just a studio for recording, you will find in our team experienced producers , arrangers , and composers who like to support you .

Likewise, our team can look back on decades of experience as live-musicians on (often sold out) tours, has produced remixes and recordings for nationally and internationally known artists and composed and realized music for many radio plays.

Successful audio branding and musical concepts for events and broadcast design are also part of our résumé.

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