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Sitara Schmitz

producer, singer/ songwriter

Sitara Schmitz_photo by Silvana Denker

photo by Silvana Denker

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Sitara Schmitz has shaped many productions as a producer and singer/ songwriter. She is spezialized in recording and editing and is known for her patience and perceptiveness. She supports the artists not only with vocal arrangements and vocal coaching, but also has an eye on composition and text.

Creating the space for a feelgood atmosphere is her mission as well as creative soundengineering.

Being part of the VDT ­– the German Association for Audio Professionals - she stands for female power in  production. 

As an artist she is represented in the singer/songwriter duo "SitnRudi"

and a band for childrens music "Planet Oe".

With her solo project "Sit the Kid" a debut album is in production and shall be released in November 2022. 

This year she is in preparation of starting a blog about her work as producer and artist. The link will be posted here soon!

electromantica 2022.png
JUST IN TIME_Sit the Kid

To be independent and support the music produced Sitara and Henning have founded the music label "electromantica" where Sitara also does the label management.

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Kailash Kokopelli
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Cataleya Fay
Planet Oe

music video

Sitara Schmitz and filmmaker and video-artist Loreto Quijada join forces to offer a start-to-finish service for video clip production.


Together and with the artistic and logistic support of Studio X.1 and various collaborators, they aim to develop state-of-the-art pieces adjusting to budget, location, and style requirements.


From ideation to the script, and from shooting to image post-production, rely on a friendly and professional creative production for your video clip every step of the way.

Promo video:

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