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Studio X.1 meets Neumann


For more than 150 years we are developing technologies to transmit and record airwaves. We started with poor mono analog signals, proceeded to stereo cd-standard, and recently we achieved high resolution audio in several multichannel formats. Now we have got the technology to produce real 3D Audio, but we still have to explore how to engineer and how to design our productions. We are going to help you, finding the right tools and procedures, to bring your sonic content like music, broadcast, radioplay or whatever, to the next higher dimensional level.


Let's create a better acoustic Quality of Life with 3D Audio.


To profit by the benefits of 3D Audio we have to expand our strategies in sound-engeneering. There are no complete new rules, and we can continue to apply our proven experiences. But we have to focus more than ever before on simulating tonal depth. Therefore we should be aware of all the tricks and methods about how making a sonic event audible from a certain distance.

Studio X.1 3D Audio front


Studio X.1 3D Audio


Why should we establish 3D Audio?

In general you will gain a greater scalable geometric space to position acoustic signals. In stereo you have three roughly distinguishable positions: left, mid, right. Even in a still flat, but widened multichannel speaker-setup like Dolby Digital® 7.1 you find clearly more different recognizable audio event positions. If we add the dimension of height (vertical y-axis) with top-speakers, we will get accordingly more distinguishable positions.


So with every expanded multichannel setup you get an growing selectivity despite the number of signals remaining constant, or in other words, you get the opportunity for an increased information density in the perception. This results in:


  • Cleaned up mixes

  • More natural Sound (you will need less equalizing to compensate the masking effects, and less dynamic processing)

  • A more realistic image of the staged sound space

  • A stronger integration of the listener into the szene (accoustically and emotionally)

  • A bigger aesthetic playground

Studio Xpoint1 meets Neumann
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