Good Vibrations Movement

Author: Christoph Goldmann

A group of test users takes a journey through the history of healing sound with the app "Good Vibrations Movement".

Broadcast date

December 4th 2021 on WDR 3,

December 5th 2021on WDR 5

The radio play will be available for download after the broadcast.

Tecnical Realisation: Henning Schmitz
Director: Matthias Kapohl
Dramaturgy: Christina Hänsel und

Thomas Leutzbach
Production: WDR 2021/ca. 53'

Henning Schmitz checking binaural Version

Henning checking the binaural mix... 




Pedaleffekte - Metropolen auf dem Weg zur Fahrradstadt / 3D Audio

Dok 5 - Das Feature 01.11.2021 49:38 Min.

Author: Felix Eichert

While climate change is causing ever greater damage, the transport transition is only progressing in small steps. Of all places, large metropolises are hoping for an acceleration with their plans to expand cycling.


Pedaleffekte - Metropolen auf dem Weg zur Fahrradstadt / 3D Audio - WDR 5 Dok 5 - WDR 5 - WDR Audiothek - Mediathek - WDR

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3D Feature WDR5


SR 2 KulturRadio


Nebel heißt Leben rückwärts:

Radio play series on everyday madness

The setting of the entertaining short radio play series is a fictitious city theatre, somewhere in Germany: With humour, charm and a hint of anarchy, Tobias Zerbel in his mid-thirties gets through life quite well.

After a few successfully discontinued courses of study, he has set himself up as a gatekeeper of the theater, right in the middle of life, because everyone really comes by and talks about what is currently on their mind, whether gender, data protection, false promises of happiness or... After all, here is not only marginalized, but discussed, laughed and sometimes even a bit saved the world.

SR Kultur

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„TWIST“ – the new ARTE-Culture Magazine


Every week, Bianca Hauda and Romy Strasseburg investigate the questions that are currently enthusing people in a European metropolis . 

JULY 2020




by Henning Schmitz


The robot said calmly, "He loves you."

For a minute Susan Calvin said nothing.

She just stared at herself.

Then: "You're wrong. You must be wrong."

(From "Lies!" by Isaac Asimov)


Robot Herbie is not mistaken, but he is lying. Because he is programmed to please everyone, he bends the truth in such a way that he is well received by his interlocutors in the current situation, which quickly leads to conflicts, which he tries to solve by further lies.

Utopia or possible future scenario when robotic technology and artificial intelligence will evolve in a few years?

Should we be thinking about implementing moral authorities into the AI brain today so that we can hold our own tomorrow in a world of intelligent machines?

I deal with this topic in my docufiction

"Everything under control?"


APRIL 2020

"culture @ HOME"

We are happy to be able to contribute to the production of the new

ARTE web format.