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If you are looking for a studio for best sounding audio recordings, then Studio X.1 could be your first choice.

We can offer both the technical equipment, as well as our many years of experience, in order to allow brilliant and well-defined sounding dubbing, audio book-, or other voice recordings.

Our main customers include the major broadcasters, for which we regularly produce broadcast-ready features, literary readings, interviews, to elaborate cultural features and artfully staged radio plays.

Our studio allow, by best technical equipment and perfect sound conditions, to produce high end recordings - whether for the record industry, television show appearances or first demo recordings.

From rock -pop, world music , to electronic music: we are well equipped with instruments, sounds and know-how for all genres.

If you are looking for more than just a studio for recording, you will find in our team experienced producers , arrangers , and composers who like to support you .

Likewise, our team can look back on decades of experience as live-musicians on (often sold out) tours, has produced remixes and recordings for nationally and internationally known artists and composed and realized music for many radio plays.

Successful audio branding and musical concepts for events and broadcast design are also part of our résumé.


Are you interested in a perfectly balanced mastering for your music production? Henning Schmitz has an international reputation in mastering of music for physical or digital distribution and radio- and television airplay.

Whether stereo or surround productions - we produce well-balanced sounding masters, that preserve the musical expression of the recordings and are optimally adapted to the respective application.


We offer voice recording, dubbing and mixing for TV documentaries, features and industrial films – for which we can also provide the sound design and the soundtrack.


We can look back on production, voice recording, sound design and composition for numerous commercials, jingles and sound signes for use in radio, television and on the internet.

Need the perfect speaking voices for your spots, the best matched music and the most striking sound effects - then we can help you.

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